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Fulfilling your needs.Exceeding your expectations.

With decades of experience in practice management, our founding practitioners understand exactly what it takes to build an optimal staff. Our robust selection and training procedures guarantee that your support specialists meet our superiorly high standard of excellence — rest assured, you're hiring with the best.

Embrace a complete
practice transformation

HIPAA & GDPR compliant answering services, EMR certified support specialists, and a clinical supervision team with over three decades in practice management — this is where you strengthen your staff and broaden your bandwidth.

Medical Support Specialists at Ideal Tech Staffing

Outsourced woman using

Identify Needs

Meet with our placement team to outline all the areas where your practice can benefit from specialized support staff.

Select Agents

Placement specialists curate a list of the most qualified specialists to meet your practice's unique needs.

Get to Work

Your dedicated supervisors collaborate to fully train your new staff on the specifics of your practice — then, it's time to work!

Begin building the team of your dreams.

Create a custom outsourcing solution and optimize your day-to-day operations.


Enfield, CT

Center for the Healthy Heart

"The staff is wonderful to work with. Very kind and professional at all times. Everyone is very professional, courteous and responsive!"

New Haven, CT

Total Pain Treatment Centers

"Dedicated VA's with an unparalleled work ethic, grasp of concepts, initiative, and willingness to please. I couldn't be happier with our two VA's!"

North Haven, CT

CareMEDICA Primary Care

"Our business goals have been achieved thanks to ITS! We could not be more pleased with the output of our virtual assistants!"




Our focus is on ensuring the success of your practice by closely collaborating with your providers to proactively anticipate industry trends and develop innovative strategies, optimizing remote operations.


  • 1. Reach Out
    Submit a contact form to quickly get in touch with an ITS Representative. Once you've reached out, a consultation will be scheduled at your convenience.

    2. Consultation
    During your consultation, an ITS Representative discusses and identifies the areas within your company where ITS can provide service(s).


    3. Assistant Selection

    Based on your business's/practice's unique needs, ITS Managers carefully select remote agents that can best integrate into your daily workflow. 

    4. Meet Your Staff
    After you stamp your approval on your provided agents, and the contract is finalized, you are matched with a personal supervisor who will schedule an introductory call between you and your new agent(s).


    Your assigned supervisor will be a resource for you throughout the entire training process, to ensure that your agent(s) seamlessly integrate into your operations and become fully prepared for live support. The training program is led by our experienced supervisors, each with a wealth of knowledge acquired through years of working closely with healthcare practitioners. Their expertise ensures that our agents receive top-notch guidance and mentorship throughout their training journey.

  • In addition to our agents being fully HIPAA certified, Ideal Tech Staffing's facility ensures comprehensive security measures to safeguard your medical records. Our commitment to protecting your information is unwavering. 

    ITS virtual agents exclusively utilize ITS-provided technology and equipment, which remains strictly confined within our highly secure premises. This ensures that your sensitive data remains entirely within our protected environment, with no possibility of it being accessed or transmitted outside our designated facilities.

  • ITS employs a distinctive and comprehensive interview and training process that rigorously evaluates and prepares agents prior to their engagement with our clients.


    We assure you that all our remote agents possess the requisite qualifications, education, and experience essential to function effectively as valuable members of your staff.

  • Our staff possesses proficiency in working with most Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. To ensure smooth communication and collaboration, clients are required to have a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system along with any web-based video conference software. These tools facilitate seamless virtual interactions and enable effective remote communication.


    However, in cases where clients do not meet one or both of these requirements, Ideal Tech Staffing stands ready to provide assistance. We can offer guidance and support in implementing the necessary technology solutions, ensuring that your company can fully leverage our services and expertise.

  • Throughout the training process, ITS supervisors actively collaborate with you to ensure that your chosen virtual assistant attains a comprehensive understanding of your unique workflow.


    Our supervisors work closely with you to gather insights into your specific operational processes, enabling them to tailor the training experience accordingly. This personalized approach ensures that your virtual assistant acquires a solid grasp of your workflow nuances and can seamlessly integrate into your existing systems.


    By actively involving you in the training process, we prioritize a collaborative partnership that promotes effective communication, alignment, and a smooth transition for your virtual assistant into your working environment.

  • ITS has up-scale centers in both the U.S. and the Philippines:

    U.S. Headquarters:

    451 State St, North Haven, CT 06473

    Philippines Office: 

    1Nito, Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines



General Administrative Assistant

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Email & Calendar Management

  • Concierge Advanced Coordination

Customer Service Representative

  • Call Handling & Requests

  • Chat inquiries & Support

  • Appointment Setting

  • Complaints & Disputes


  • Laboratory Orders & Referrals

  • Chart Reviewal

  • Patient Engagement

  • Paperwork Sign-offs 

Project Coordinator

  • Project Management

  • Team Coordination

  • Risk Assessment & Reduction

  • Expert Organization 

Operations Coordinator

  • Requests Handling for Quotes

  • Sales Reports & Data Analytics

  • Back Order Troubleshoots

Medical Receptionist

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Call Support

  • Medical Record Management

Data Entry Specialist

  • CRM Specialist

  • Report Generator

  • Experienced with Data Entry

Medical Biller

  • Insurance Call Inquiries

  • Patient Payment Plans

  • Verification for Treatment

  • Verification for Procedures

  • HCC Coding

24/7 Answering Services

ITS answering services provide comprehensive phone coverage 24/7, including nights, weekends, and holidays, ensuring seamless accessibility and empowering you to handle a higher volume of calls and expand your intake capacity.

Board Certified Leadership

Harness the expertise of our clinical leadership team, composed of board-certified providers and seasoned specialists, to optimize remote staff management and receive comprehensive guidance in remote operations.

The Highest Standard

ITS mandates that all support staff possess professional expertise in patient and client interactions, enabling them to adeptly manage tasks such as handling prior authorizations, intake paperwork, patient records maintenance, and serving as a crucial liaison between practitioners and patients.

Dedicated Supervisors

Rely on your dedicated supervision team, comprised of seasoned medical and administrative professionals committed to enhancing your remote operations, for performance reviews, continuous supervision, video monitoring, and regular communication to ensure seamless functioning.



HIPAA Certified

Ideal Tech Staffing support staff are adept in the latest medical protocols and are fully HIPAA & GDPR compliant, mitigating any risk of data breaches or violations.

EMR Capability

Ideal Tech Staffing support staff are fully trained to manage and operate your practice’s preferred EMR system — ITS works with a variety of EMR systems.

Linguistically Sound

Ideal Tech Staffing support staff have professional experience communicating with patients and customers, ensuring clear and helpful lines of communication at all times.

Specialists to meet your every need

Administrative Assistant

Handles accounting & bookkeeping, email & calendar management, data entry & concierge services, ERP/CRM systems. 

Customer Service Representative

Handles calls & requests, chat inquiries & support, appointment setting, complaints & disputes.


Sends laboratory orders & referrals, reviews charts, engages with patients, expedites paperwork being signed off by doctors.

Project Coordinator

Project management, team coordination, risk assessment & reduction, expert organization & communication skills.

Operations Coordinator

Handles request for quotes, sales reports & analytics, troubleshoots back orders.

Medical Receptionist

Schedules appointments, answers calls, manages medical records.

Data Entry Specialist

CRM Specialist, report generator, experienced with data entry. 

Medical Biller

Insurance call inquiries, patient payment plans, verification for treatment, procedures.

Medical Scribe/

Translates & transcribes medical visits.


Outsourcing made surprisingly simple

Because finding trusted talent should never be complicated. 

Identify Needs

Outline the specific responsibilities that you’d like your remote agent(s) to manage.

Select Agents

We'll present the agents who best fit your specific requirements and preferences. 

Get to Work

With the help of our supervisors, you will interview, train, and onboard your new remote agents!


Maximize Savings

Hire staff at a significantly reduced price point— save up to 70% in employment costs

Productivity Boost

Proven support specialists manage your tasks, leaving you more time for your patients

Higher Volume

Never miss a patient call again—HIPAA compliant patient communications available 24/7

Our Founder, Dr. Petruzziello

Drawing on over 25 years of experience as a licensed medical practitioner, Founder & CEO Dr. Fausto Petruzziello, MD, established Ideal Tech Staffing to address the strain on healthcare professionals caused by understaffing. Recognizing the common challenge of high turnover and unreliable staff, Dr. Petruzziello's innovative firm connects practices with top-tier remote medical assistants, offering access to high-caliber support specialists to optimize your practice with our extensive clinical expertise.

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