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Business Staff Assistant Services

Ideal Tech Staffing has a wide range of service professionals who can assist you with your business. No matter how small or big the tasks you would like to delegate, they will perform with the best of their abilities.


We guarantee you that our Professional Staff Assistants are

trust-worthy, hard-working and easy to work with.


General Administrative Assistant

  • Accounting & bookkeeping

  • Email & calendar management

  • Data entry & concierge services

  • ERP/CRM system


Customer Service Representative

  • Incoming calls & requests

  • Chat inquiries & support

  • Appointment setting

  • Complaints/disputes


Operations Coordinator

  • Handling request for quotes

  • Product specialist

  • Sales reports & analytics

  • Troubleshooting back orders


Project Coordinator

  • Project management

  • Team coordination 

  • Risk assessment & reduction

  • Expert organization & communication skills 


Data Entry Specialist

  • CRM Specialist

  • Report generator

Online Tutoring

Looking for
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Worry no more! We'll surely find you the perfect assistant to suit your business needs. Just simply fill up the form.

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