Healthcare Staff Assistant Services

We are revolutionizing how doctors run their businesses today.

More and more doctors are being forced to work with large healthcare organizations because of rising cost in the industry.


Ideal Tech Staffing is here to make your healthcare business more efficient once again!



  • Send laboratory orders and referrals

  • Patient engagement and vaccination reconciliation

  • List of symptoms and follow up directions

  • Reviews charts to speed up paperwork being signed off by the doctor


Medical Receptionist

  • Patient scheduling

  • Medical records management

  • Answers calls, alert any provider of any raised concerns during intake

  • Patient screening & eligibility


Medical Biller

  • Insurance call inquiries

  • Patient payment plans

  • Verification for treatment and procedures

  • Checks eligibility and insurance

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Medical Scribe/ Transcriptionist

  • Transcribe medical visits

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of EMR systems do you use?

Our staff is able to work with a majority of EMR systems. Clients must have a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and any web-based video conference software. Ideal Tech Staffing can assist your company if they do not meet one of these requirements.

How do I know my medical records are safe?

In addition to all our agents being HIPAA certified, our facility offers extensive security and IT help to guarantee the safety of your medical records. Each agent gets their own equipment that stays in our office so no information is leaving the protected building.

How do you pick staff assistants?

There is a vigorous interview process that happens before we present the potential agents to our clients. We ensure that they encompass the proper qualifications, education and experience before presenting them for choosing. They are then trained by our supervisors who all have years of experience working with health practitioners. Clients will also have the opportunity to train agents in areas specific to their practice.

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