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Providing the support

you need, instantly

1 of every 8 U.S. employees work Remotely or Hybrid-Remote

Modern advancements in technology have allowed practices to leverage remote collaboration and build globally diverse teams. Find your technological advantage by adding remote support specialists to your staff — remote agents provide around-the-clock patient communications and services.

Identify your needs

Schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated supervisors to go over and identify your practice's unique operational needs. Though consultation calls are complimentary, they are always as in-depth and detailed as you'd like them to be. We'll answer all of your questions and ensure that you have a full grasp of what Ideal Tech Staffing brings to the table. 


Our cutting-edge technology

is your leg up on the competition...

We know how important it is for staff to be both effective and reliable, which is why we've made an investment in the latest and greatest technology for our agents to utilize. Our agents have access to industry-leading computers, systems, and equipment, meaning that they are always online, constantly in contact, and invariably reliable. 

Secured Offices

ITS offices are safeguarded with biometric verification clearances so that only trusted officials and employees may enter the premises, mitigating any chance of a data breach and keeping your data safe. 

Backup Generators

ITS offices have backup power generators and servers to gurantee that we never run the risk of going offline. Both your practice and your patients can depend on us always to pick up the phone. 

Monitor Your Agents

With ITS, you have the opportunity to engage with, monitor, and/or supervise your remote staff at any time using our provided audio and visual monitoring software. It will truly feel as though your staff is right there in the office beside you.

Partnerships that last

Support doesn't end once your remote agents are hired. Our team of supervisors will work with you to continuously monitor the ongoing efficacy of your chosen agents and ensure that output is optimal. We value your long-term satisfaction and will work tirelessly to guarantee it. 

Outsourcing redefined 

We are re-imagining how personal remote support can feel. With Ideal Tech Staffing's unique approach to remote support, practices are matched with the ideal people for their staff. 

Get to work


Once your candidates are chosen, it's time to get to work! All Ideal Tech Staffing assistants come prepared with elite healthcare training and communication skills, making their transition onto your staff as simple as can be! 


Alexia Petruzziello

ITS President & Director of Business Development

“When you partner with us here at Ideal Tech Staffing, you commit to the best, most well-trained remote medical specialists in the industry. Each of our remote agents has been extensively trained and carefully vetted.


Our recruitment process is incredibly selective and evaluates candidates based on integral traits such as their experience in healthcare supportcommunication skillsemployee attitude, and professionalism.

We've been supporting practices for nearly a decade now and can't wait to work with you to elevate your practice to the next level!"


Ready to get started? Our friendly sales representatives can't wait to meet you. Click the button below to book a free consultation today.  

Select your agents

After your complimentary consultation, our management team will match you with the candidates who meet your practice's needs. We boast an impressive lineup of trained agents, each of whom fits into specific niches of the healthcare sector. 


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