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How outsourcing can lead to cost savings 

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The cost of labor encompasses various elements such as recruitment, training, wages, and annual leave. For many businesses, these administrative costs account for a majority of operating expenditures, sometimes up to 70% of total costs. It can be struggling to find a balance between the cost of staffing and the potential revenue that staff members can generate.

Outsourcing allows businesses to fill their administrative roles, tasks, and operational responsibilities with experienced remote professionals, but at a fraction of the price. Given the significantly lower cost of living in the Philippines, Ideal Tech Staffing’s remote professionals demand far less than what local talent does; we deliver advanced output quality at a far more affordable price point. Additionally, remote professionals do not demand employee benefits like local talent does. Therefore, businesses that outsource also save on PTO, employee insurance, and other benefits. Eliminating such labor costs can alleviate financial pressures and in turn pave the way for smarter resource allocation.

Businesses that outsource with Ideal Tech Staffing gain a leg up on the competition, scaling their staff with tenured virtual professionals while also allocating resources more efficiently. By reducing costs in one domain (hiring, training, staffing) businesses can redirect savings towards areas that hold the potential for greater profits.

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